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Fertilizer Mixtures

Home Garden Fertilizer Mixtures

Allied Commercial provides small packs for a home garden farming system that combines different physical, social, and economic functions on the area of land around the family home and also could provide an extra income for families.

Fertilizer Mixtures for Home Gardens

Home garden specialty packs are distributed primarily for nonfarm use, such as use in connection with homes, gardens, lawns, shrubbery, flowers, golf courses, parks, and cemeteries, and may include fertilizers used for research or experimental purposes.

Special Flower Fertilizer
Special Flower Fertilizer is suitable for any kind of flowering plant.
Special Rose Fertilizer
Suitable for roses.
Special Anthurium Fertilizer
Suitable for anthurium plants.
Special Bougainvillea Fertilizer
Suitable for bougainvillea plants.
Special Fruit Mixture
Special Fruit Mixture is especially suitable for mango, rambutan, avocado, banana, guava, papaya, lime, and orange.
Special Betel Mixture
Special Betel Mixture is especially beneficial for betel cultivation.
Special chilli Mixture
Special chilli Mixture is especially beneficial for chilli cultivation
Special Vegetable Fertilizer
Especially for garden vegetables.
Lawn Fertilizer
Suitable for maintaining a healthy lawn.
Especially for young coconut and king coconut palms.
Especially for adult coconut and king coconut palms.
Zinc Sulphate
Can be used as a foliar application, especially for tea, citrus fruits, flowers, and vegetables.
Helps to overcome deficiency symptoms that may appear in most fruits.
Used for crops that are more sensitive to Mg nutrients such as tea, betel, fruits, and vegetables.