Our Mission

We at Allied Commercial Fertilizers Pvt Ltd are committed to providing top-quality fertilizers and agriculture inputs to local farmers, delivering superior value and maximising yields whilst protecting the environment. Our mission is to be the most reliable leader in the agriculture industry, driven by excellence, integrity, and continuous improvement.

Our Vision

Allied Commercial Fertilizers envisage a future where sustainable agriculture is the norm. We strive to enrich our customers with nutrient-balanced agriculture products and innovative technologies. Our goal is to be the most trustworthy partner to our local farmers while creating long-lasting prosperity for all our stakeholders who share in our successes.

Where We Began, Where Were Going

Allied Commercial Fertilizers (Pvt) Ltd (ACFL) was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of the Jayagiri Group and was registered under the National Fertilizer Secretariat in Sri Lanka in the same year as a limited liability company of Importation, Blending and Distribution of fertilizers. With the over 26 years of experience in the field of fertilizer and with 50 years of Jayagiri Group’s experience, ACFL is dedicated to importing and distribution of high-quality fertilizers ensuring our customers will receive a superior product. As a subsidiary of a fully Sri Lankan owned company, we take pride in our journey as an established fertilizer company.

Quality Policy

ACFL is committed to provide the customers with the best fertilizer solutions for our customers. All operations from the time of importing the ingredients up to the time of delivery are handled by personnel with wide industry experience for over 30 years. Our fertilizer ingredients are subjected to SLS standards at the point of import and blending to ensure quality and thereby guaranteeing our customers a quality product.

As a fertilizer company, ACFL is committed to be responsible on the issues of environmental sustenance and legislation in the total production process as well as when the products are at end use.